Caesar Carpenter Antoine was an authentic American ICON and HERO.  Moreover, he is the BRAND name for our Annual Black History Celebration.  Born September 10, 1836 in New Orleans, LA, C. C. Antoine served as a Captain in the Union Army – Louisiana, during the Civil War.  However, his most impressive accomplishments came in the arena of politics.  In 1868, during the period of Reconstruction, Antoine was elected to the Louisiana State Legislature as a State Senator, and served until 1872.  In 1871, he sponsored CHARTER legislation that granted the unincorporated town of Shreveport, LA the legal status of CITY.  Additionally, in 1873 he was elected as Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, and served until 1877.  He was Louisiana’s 3rd Black Lieutenant Governor, and also served as Interim Governor in 1876.  Antoine was also an entrepreneur, property owner, human rights advocate, and newspaper publisher/editor.  At the end of the Civil War, Antoine moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, purchased land, opened a family grocery store, and became a farmer.  On September 12 1921, after living an amazing, and stellar life, C. C. Antoine died of natural causes at his home in Shreveport.  Caesar Carpenter Antoine’s life represents the critical reason why researching, studying, celebrating, and embracing Black History, and CULTURAL DIVERSITY in Louisiana, and throughout America is not only important, but is MANDATORY, if America is to ever heal from her tumultuous past, and ensure FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EQUITY for ALL of her people.

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